About Scott

My early years in art began working in silk screening.  Years later, the love of nature and water led me to live on a barrier island where I became a successful wildlife and landscape photographer.  Over time, my camera skill morphed into mixed media designs because I needed to see beyond what the camera recorded.  Although a large portion of my work features traditional photographic methods, I crave the diversity and freedom of using multiple art forms which mirrors my life’s experiences with the creative process.

Mixed media is a melding of disciplines and has become the art discipline of choice for me.  The basis of each piece begins with several of my photographs that I digitally overlay and compose.  Then a high resolution reproduction is created that I manually embellish, which is where the real fun begins.  Sometimes I draw or paint on the print, use sandpaper, spray with water, sprinkle with salt or pigments or add something totally out of the ordinary.  The piece is re-photographed and the process repeated.  This progression goes back and forth until I get exactly what my mind’s eye sees.  

In addition to my original creations, I do at times purchase vintage collections which I remaster to Anne's and my vision.  You will see some of this work as you browse this site.

Every item I sell is made in my studio so my customers can buy exactly the art I envisioned.