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We are now in the second week of this worldwide social and economic lockdown. The days have started to blur without the definition of art shows, wholesale appointments and production deadlines.  It’s that phase when remembering which day of the week it REALLY is can cause a mild disagreement with that one person who is sharing the same space with you - day after day after day.

Looks like it’s time to insert some yellow into the mix.

Whether it grows wild like a weed or a daffodil that was thoughtfully planted many moons ago, they’re yellow.  Bright and beautiful like the sun.  I like the way this color revives my spirit.  Doesn’t matter if it grows or a popular song by a British rock group, yellow just makes me feel happy!

Why, I wondered?  A quick internet read taught me that yellow is the most noticeable of all colors to the human eye.  It promotes happiness and optimism.  This color is also associated with increased mental activity, heightened awareness, improved energy and metabolic rate.  Cool stuff!

Feeling blah?  Add some yellow to your life!  Eat a banana.  Play with a yellow lab.  Notice a yellow road sign.  Use a crayon to draw a picture of a lemon even if you're not an artist.  Wear your yellow pants.  Paint your fingernails this cool color.

If all these things fail, try listening to Coldplay.

“Look at the stars
 Look how they shine for you
 And everything you do
 Yeah, they were yellow”

                                                                            Chris Martin

See?  Aren’t you feeling better?

Stay well, 


Wild flower or weed 
Vines in a tree
Simple and pretty