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A Tell about Turtles

Scott just finished this colorful new turtle piece.  Before it goes up on the website, it needs a name and for some reason, we have drawn a complete blank.  He usually picks a simple one or two word title.  His other turtle work is named Ascension, Turtle Dove and Journey.  

So, we are throwing out a lifeline here asking for your help in naming this turtle.  Seriously.  Comment here on this post or email it to scottgeibstudios@gmail.com.  Really, please put something out there.

Ever notice how sometimes things suddenly show up in your life in threes?  Since we began our time of isolation, this has happened  to us with turtles.  Snappers, pond turtles and sliders have all made their appearance to us recently.

Coincidence or does it mean something?  So, I decided to learn more about Mr. Turtle.  Really fascinating.

They all breathe air, even the sea turtles and all species lay their eggs on land.  The temperature of the nest determines the sex of the hatchlings.  Also surprising was how long they are expected to live.  Box turtles or terrapins have a life expectancy of 30-40 years and sea turtles are easily 80-100 years with some articles speculating the number could be higher - between 150 and 500 years old.  If a box turtle is relocated, it will spend the rest of it’s life trying to get back to where he came from.

The turtle’s shell has nerve endings and can feel when you touch it.  Unfortunately, the turtle feels pain if its shell is damaged.  They are slow moving on earth but fast and agile in water. 

The Chinese believe that this reptile foretold future events while the native Americans had a lot to say on the subject, much of which can be applied to this current state of the globe.  We should pay attention to the slow and meticulous turtle and understand the importance of both the journey and the destination.  The turtle has the ability to stay grounded even in moments of disturbance and chaos.

There’s a lot of teaching from the reptile that takes his home wherever it goes.

That’s all for today.  PLEASE don’t be shy about a name suggestion for Scott’s new turtle!

Stay well, Anne