Featuring the artwork, photography & vintage remasters by SCOTT GEIB

Staying ahead of the Storm

During this pause in business, Scott has been gleaning and organizing years’ worth of photos and artwork.  He shared this old shot with me of a ferry boat racing ahead of a thunderstorm loaded with cars and passengers.

How symbolic of the time we are living in right now.  Ahead of the ferry were bright blue skies but behind it was a dangerous raging storm and everyone on that vessel was in it together.  The only way through the danger was, well, through it.

Hasn’t this new life taken on a form of sameness?  Without our regular activities and the tiresome confinement of social distancing, the days really do run together.  Is it a Monday? Thursday?  the weekend?   Even food is tasting the same without the break of eating someone else’s cooking or dining out.

Oddly enough, not being able to buy toilet paper is also the same: day after day, week after week.  I just don’t get it.  Yesterday, Scott finally scored some at a little convenience store.  It was an off-brand with each roll being individually wrapped with paper but at this point, toilet paper is toilet paper.  He was mightily proud of those 6 rolls as he wiped each wrapper down with a Clorox wipe. 

These are all little inconveniences when you stop and think of the big picture.  Like the captain on that ferry boat, he had to navigate through the bad weather while keeping his passengers safe to get to those blue skies.

Aesop wrote:

“The little reed,

    Bending in the force of the wind

            Soon will stand upright again

                When the storm had passed over.”

Stay well, Anne