Featuring the artwork, photography & vintage remasters by SCOTT GEIB

Tree Stars - the Starfish on Land

The fine yellow dust that covers the truck is just a small reminder that life outside remains on its regular routine.  The row of pine trees that line our yard are really busy right now distributing the powder that makes some folks sneeze and their eyes water.

Pines are numerous on the Outer Banks and they are exploding right now.  If you take the time to look closely at the pine blossom that creates the pollen, they are really quite beautiful.  Their colors are pink, yellow, orange and purple which was something I had never bothered to investigate before.  Each one has a unique shape that reminds me of a starfish in the ocean.  The bonus of being so close is catching a whiff of that divine pine aroma and it isn’t even Christmas!

Pine pollen does have some good points for us humans and is sold as a supplement.  Like most vitamins advertised this days, they are touted as being antioxidant rich, increases energy and promotes healthy joints.

Pine trees are always always doing something!  They are evergreens which means they are working year round.  These trees shed and replenish their needles simultaneously while making pollen and pine cones.  

Being outside is still our go-to activity during this time of seclusion.  Our lives might be on hold but nature is moving right along, right on course without missing a beat.

“No one can look at a pine tree in winter without knowing that spring will come again in due time.”      Frank Bolles,  Naturalistic & Writer

Thank goodness it is spring.

Stay well, Anne