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Soothing was sound of fast falling raindrops on my roof in the tender morning hours.  It’s easy to understand why this natural sound is often used in sleep sound generators and soundtracks created for meditation and yoga.  In this time of constant worry and upheaval brought on by the COVID-19 virus,  I welcomed its calm sound and the sensation of cleansing.

Rain is vital for our existence.  People seem divided on how they feel about a rainy day - some depressed and imprisoned, others energized.  Statistics show that productivity increases dramatically in the work place when it rains.  I like being surrounded by weather no matter what form it comes in - as long as it’s not during an outside art show or festival.

I learned a new word today.  PLUVIOPHILES.  People who love the rain.  I had a relative who was from Vancouver who told me that she never got wet because she could walk between the raindrops.  She had a lot of practice. “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet,” wrote Bob Dylan.

Here are some fun facts about rain.  Antarctica gets the least amount of snow and rain anywhere on earth, about 6 1/2inches annually.   The rainiest place is in Colombia, South America.  Science has proved that aching joints can be indicator of rain or cold weather on the way.

Rain has been popular in the entertainment world with movies titled “Purple Rain” and “Rain Man,” and songs like “Rainy days and Mondays” by the Carpenters and of course the Beatles with “Rain.”
“Rain, I don’t mind
 Shine, the weather’s fine
 Can you hear me
 That’s when it rains and shines
 It’s just a state of mind”
                        The Beatles

Hope it was a good day for all y’all!  Sorry for the mediocre pics - need more practice in the rain.  Maybe Scott can help me.

Stay well,   Anne