Featuring the artwork, photography & vintage remasters by SCOTT GEIB

Finding beauty in things not considered pretty

There has been a total disruption in everybody’s daily routines recently as we all do our part to keep the Coronavirus at bay.

Strangely enough, this time of social distancing hasn’t been a terrible adjustment for us. With the exception of going to shows and festivals some weekends, our lives aren’t really that much different. The hours we spend in our studio have always been long - Scott making beautiful artwork and me selling it. No matter how much time we spent in our workspace, both of us always wished we had more of it.

During this forced time-out from society, we have found a silver lining inside this dark cloud. Once the uncomfortable stuff was confronted; things like food, loss of income, toilet paper (just kidding) and developing a plan to stay well, we settled into a new existence where there was no clock, no schedule. With this imposed isolation came an unexpected freedom. Napped when we felt like it. Ate when we wanted. Stayed at home. Stayed at the studio. No rules really. Wow, it felt like being a kid again in summertime!

In spite of all this scary stuff happening all around the globe, we found ourselves in an artistic mood, totally engrossed with new ideas for artwork and projects. This temporary norm created by the virus has evolved into a sweet oasis of creativity for us. However, there is no joy in how this time came about, but we will use it to the fullest.

There is only so much news one can watch and virus articles to read. For the most part, the weather has been nice enough so Scott and I have seized this moment to spend more moments with nature. This isolation without the interference of technology and crowds has rekindled my appreciation of beauty in simple things.

In trying to find that illusive 4 leaf clover, have we ignored the ones with only three leaves?

While Scott has been creating masterpieces, I have been working with my camera to capture the beauty in things not considered pretty and will continue to share them with you along with a personal observation or two during this infamous time.

 Stay well,